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Sustanon 250 (Sust) is an anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) consisting of four different testosterone esters, namely; Testosterone decanoate, Testosterone phenylpropionate, Testosterone propionate, and Testosterone isocaproate.

Bodybuilders buy Sustanon injections when they want to build muscle mass, improve their overall athleticism, and even burn excess body fat.
While Organon was the first to introduce Sust to the pharmaceutical market, many other pharmaceutical companies now produce this AAS injection.

In this guide, we will reveal the bodybuilding benefits of Sust. We will also provide you with information on recommended cycles and dosages for all categories of bodybuilders. We will then round up by informing you on where to buy Sustanon.

Benefits of taking Sustanon

Sustanon is a versatile injectable steroid that can be used by either male or female bodybuilders. You can start a Sust cycle if you want to bulk up, shed body fat or improve your performance.

Sust is capable of triggering many anabolic activities in your body. Some of these activities include;

  • Boosting your red blood cell count,
  • Increasing your protein (C1INH and C4) production,
  • Increasing nitrogen retention in your body,
  • Boosting protein synthesis,
  • Increasing in collagen production, and
  • Increasing your metabolic rate.

These anabolic effects contribute immensely to the major Sustanon bodybuilding benefits, some of which include;

  • Enhanced Performance: The increase in your red blood cell count will lead to the delivery of oxygenated blood to every part of your body. When your muscle tissues receive sufficient oxygen, it reduces lactic acid build up which is mainly responsible for muscle fatigue. By having a continuous flow of oxygen-rich blood to your muscle tissues, your energy levels will improve. You will also have greater power and strength while your stamina will be much better than before. Sust can greatly improve your performance in high interval intensity training (HIIT).
  • Increased Skeletal Muscle Mass: Sust will support the increase in your skeletal muscle mass. It does this by promoting nitrogen retention, boosting your body’s production of C4 and C1INH protein, and enhancing protein synthesis in your skeletal muscle tissues. Using Sust with a steady training program and balanced diet will rapidly build up your muscle mass. In your first Sustanon cycle, you can gain up to 20 Ib or 9 kg of muscle bulk, if you also maintain a good workout schedule and dietary plan.
  • Quicker Recovery: Using Sust will help you to recover quickly from bone fractures, and damaged muscle tissues. Sust increases the collagen your body produces which leads to increased bone density, stronger muscle ligaments, and tendons. Sust will significantly shorten your period of recovery and get you back to your normal, regular training program.
  • Shedding of Excess Body Fat: Sustanon will increase your metabolic rate. This will lead to thermogenesis which helps in burning excess body fat. Sust will also promote the repartitioning of body fat to muscle mass and lipolysis. Body fat deposits will be transformed into a viable source of energy needed for your HIIT.
  • Sustanon is Well-tolerated: Another benefit of Sust is that the steroid injection is generally well-tolerated. All categories of bodybuilders can use this AAS. Female bodybuilders can also run Sust cycles as a standalone or in a stack. Sust is administered intramuscularly, this injection is not hepatotoxic and the active compounds will cause only mild side effects if the steroid is used appropriately.

Cycling with Sustanon

When you buy Sustanon injections, every ampule contains…

  • 100 mg of testosterone decanoate,
  • 60 mg of testosterone phenylpropionate,
  • 30 mg of testosterone propionate, and
  • 60 mg of testosterone isocaproate.

Typically, bodybuilders inject Sustanon twice a week. Sust can be used on its own or it may be combined with a number of other AAS. Below are Sustanon cycle and dosage plans for all categories of bodybuilders;

  • Recommended Sust cycle and dosage plan for beginners:

Week 1: 200 mg per week,
Week 2: 200 mg per week,
Week 3: 300 mg per week,
Week 4: 300 mg per week,
Week 5: 300 mg per week,
Week 6: 350 mg per week,
Week 7: 350 mg per week.

  • Recommended Sust cycle and dosage plan for intermediate bodybuilders:

Week 1: 250 mg per week,
Week 2: 250 mg per week,
Week 3: 500 mg per week,
Week 4: 500 mg per week,
Week 5: 500 mg per week,
Week 6: 500 mg per week,
Week 7: 500 mg per week,
Week 8: 500 mg per week,
Week 9: 250 mg per week.

Sust and Var cycle for Cutting:

Sust can be stacked with Anavar if you want to run a cutting cycle. You should use Sust for 10 weeks and Anavar (Var) for 8 weeks, as seen below;

Week 1: Sust (200 mg/week) plus Var (20 mg/day),
Week 2: Sust (400 mg/week) and Var (20 mg/day),
Week 3: Sust (400 mg/week) and Var (20 mg/day),
Week 4: Sust (400 mg/week) and Var (20 mg/day),
Week 5: Sust (400 mg/week) and Var (20 mg/day),
Week 6: Sust (500 mg/week) and Var (20 mg/day),
Week 7: Sust (500 mg/week) and Var (20 mg/day),
Week 8: Sust (500 mg/week) and Var (20 mg/day),
Week 9: Sust (500 mg/week),
Week 10: Sust (200 mg/week).

Sust and Deca cycle for bulking:

For optimal bulking gains, you can run stack Sustanon with Deca Durabolin. You should run a 10 week Sust and Deca cycle as follows;

Week 1: Sust (600 mg/week) plus Deca (300 mg /week),
Week 2: Sust (600 mg/week) plus Deca (300 mg /week),
Week 3: Sust (600 mg/week) plus Deca (300 mg /week),
Week 4: Sust (600 mg/week) plus Deca (300 mg /week),
Week 5: Sust (600 mg/week) plus Deca (300 mg /week),
Week 6: Sust (600 mg/week) plus Deca (300 mg /week),
Week 7: Sust (600 mg/week) plus Deca (300 mg /week),
Week 8: Sust (600 mg/week) plus Deca (300 mg /week),
Week 9: Sust (600 mg/week) plus Deca (300 mg /week),
Week 10: Sust (600 mg/week) plus Deca (300 mg /week).

You should always seek counsel with your physician and/or bodybuilding coach before you run a Sust injection cycle. Post-cycle therapy (PCT) is also an important part of cycling and PCT should be started 4 weeks after a cycle.

The use of antiestrogen medications will help to regulate you natural hormones while reducing your estrogen level. Using Sust will cause your testes to stop producing endogenous testosterone. However, PCT drugs like Clomid and Nolvadex will ensure that your testes start producing endogenous testosterone as normal.

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You can buy Sustanon injection for your bulking, cutting, or performance goals. Sust can be used as a standalone steroid or you can stack with Anavar for cutting or Deca for bulking.

Sust will provide you with significant strength, energy, stamina, and aggression. With Sustanon, you will be able to recover fast from both bone and muscle problems.

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