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The Sustanon allows to obtain a transformation of muscle mass very quickly and continues to act in depth over time.

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Dragon Pharma’s Sustanon (Testosterone MIX with immediate effect and delay) is a product for a mass-taking cycle. The Sustanon is exactly the same composition as the very famous Sustanon. Indeed, the diversity of esters that make up it allows it to act in several ways, both in the short term and in the long term. The presence of testosterone propionate allows results to be obtained the day after taking, while the other esters maintain a high testosterone level over a period of 4 weeks. With the taking of this product you will get:

  • An impressive increase in muscle mass.
  • An increase in muscle strength.This product is very good if you want to make a big mass grab. It combines very well with , Parabolan, Mastéron, Nandrolone, Boldenone or tablets with Androlic, Dianabol or Anabol.

In the case of dry mass gain, this product combines very well with Winstrol, Primobolan or Primabolan, Clenbuterol or Cytomel.

In the case of an increase in strength and performance, this product combines this very well with Anavar or Halotestin.

This product takes at least 8 weeks and maximum 12 weeks.

Posology: 250-1000 mg per week

Protections against the side effects of Dragon Pharma Sustanon

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