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Harold Conrad

May 19, 2023

New Customer and great source for your needs

Paid for the order on May 4th, everything looked good until today.
When tracking the package via USPS. The message says. Untraceable
Pharmahub has ensured me they will straighten this out.
I am going to give them the chance to make this right as I am a new customer.
I have been assured by PharmaHub that they will deliver, so I am waiting on that now. I will update this review after I receive my products.So the products were delivered 5/26. Pharmahub came through as promised. This company stands by its word and I will absolutely keep using them for future orders.
Thank you PharmaHub!!

→ Reply from Pharmahub
We are glad to have you as a customer.
Thank you for giving us the benefit of the doubt. We will do our best to live up to your expectations.
We look forward to bringing you good news soon,


May 17, 2023

Got exactly what i wanted when i…

Got exactly what i wanted when i expected it.
company stayed in touch w me thru out.
good price. good customer support. good product.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion on the site.
We’re glad we were able to live up to your expectations 🙂
We look forward to seeing you again,


May 9, 2023

First Order with Pharmahub.to

I placed an order with insurance and paid with Zelle on April 15th on April 19th my payment was confirmed then on April 20th I received tracking info.
After that I heard pretty much nothing and checked status everyday as advised but supposedly it shipped.
After contacting customer support several times I was told by an unmarked Agent sometimes to be patient and wait and after 5 days I received an update on April 25th to say it was processed thru Austria and then on May 1st it was inbound to customs and received on May 8th.
I checked before ordering for shipment times and that’s where it’s unclear so just be advised it took my order a total of 24 days or 15 working days to get to me here in the USA.
Shipment was advertised as 3-9 days and another area on the site says 15-20 but I did receive it and when I get back home I can inspect to ensure I received my complete order.
The whole thing is a different way of purchasing but one has to look at what we are ordering so normal protected payment methods are non existent and all you have is the insurance which I highly advise getting.
As far as complaints go I would say the lack of customer interaction is at the top of the list as most of my support questions went unanswered which made me kind of paranoid after reading some reviews, it’s not like they didn’t respond they did but not everytime.
As I said I have received a package but have yet to determine if it’s complete and it did take longer than the 5-20 business days as it was a total of 24 days but the 24 days were total days including one holiday.
I will update my review once I verify my order
Update to Pharmahubs response 05.09.23 02:00
In regard to payment, using Zelle was my chosen method and I received an automatic response after paying that it would take 48hrs to confirm my payment after sending and it took 72hrs and after that 72hrs I received another email saying it had been confirmed and my order was forwarded to your shipping group and 24hrs later I received a tracking number and I was happy with that.
I never received any information in regard to you not seeing the shipment moving and being reshipped.
This review is not a put down I just want people to know that shipment times are estimates and with customs involved it’s always a gamble on how quickly they process so if they are wanting a product quickly they need to be aware of the shipping time I experienced and make their decisions based on reviews submitted.
As I said the biggest issue I had was the lack of replies on several messages I sent and the ones I did receive back were vague and all I was told was to be patient and give it some time to arrive but no worries the package did arrive and I will inspect when I return home.
I do feel I will order again on other products so no worries and thank you for your reply to my initial review.
Update 05.09.23 16:00
Came home and inspected my shipment and was impressed, all products were securely wrapped and in perfect condition.
All dates and codes appear valid but I did go to the Hilma Biocare site and check validities and waiting but I’m sure it will be fine.
All in all I was pleased dealing with Pharmahub and will likely buy again very soon but will keep in mind shipping and customs and will surely always get the added insurance.
Thank you Pharmahub but please work on your responses, I know it’s hard to respond to all but getting back a response goes along way.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Thank you for sharing your experience on trustpilot.
Concerning the payment, you have chosen one of the payment methods whose validation time is 3-4 days after receiving the information.
If you have the possibility to pay by btc, I strongly recommend it for the next time, the order will be validated in less than 12 hours and the package will go immediately in transit.
For this order, the preparation time has been respected, however, we have informed you of the shipping situation of the packages coming from this shipping point (France). We follow the shipments closely and after seeing that this one was not moving, we decided to send it back from Austria.
I reassure you that nothing is missing in this package,
We agree with you, choosing the option of delivery with insurance is highly recommended so that the package is covered from any anomalies that may appear.
We take note of your remark about the lack of support.
We will improve on this.
Thank you for placing this order with us,
We look forward to seeing you on the site.


May 8, 2023


Paid via Zelle. Website claims 48 hour response time. It’s been 4 working days and NO response. They got my money. UPDATE. I got a response AFTER posting this review that they received my payment. I’m still not holding my breath. I will be happy to update this review and change the rating when I recieve the product.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Thank you for sharing your opinion with us,
In order to see how far along you are in the validation process, please fill in your order number, email address or any other identifying information.
We look forward to hear from you
With all our best

Cline Mccomas

May 4, 2023

After a slow start (first package was…

After a slow start (first package was lost in transit) My replacement package (I paid for the insurance) was sent priority mail and I have it here today. Everything is here, exactly what I ordered. I want to say I was not always the most patient person and probably not easy to deal with, but they always answered my E mails professionally and stayed in touch the whole time. They are legit. Happy lifting!!

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Thank you for your honest feedback and for updating your note. It means a lot to us.
Indeed, following the non-movement of the first package, we decided to send it back in priority from another shipping point.
I’m glad you received it quickly… That was the goal.
We hope to see you soon in order.
With all the best,


Apr 13, 2023

Very Satisfied So Far

I placed my first order on April 1 for Test, Tren and Mast and received it on April 10. I was surprised it arrived that fast since it was a Saturday when I place the order. The product checked out on the manufacturers web site. So far so good. These guys seem to be legit. I already placed another order. I’ll start my cycle next week and will update my review with the results.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
The entire team is delighted with your shared experience and thanks you for your confidence.
We look forward to seeing you again on order ,
With all the best,


Apr 3, 2023

Great product and customer service. Wasn’t sure at first now I know these…

Wasn’t sure at first now I know these guys are legit. Great product, good customer service and communication. Will be buying all my gear here from now on.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Thank you for the great feedback on our site.
We are glad we lived up to your expectations, your satisfaction is our priority.
See you soon for a next order then,


Mar 8, 2023

One of the best/easiest experiences

After reading reviews on here wanted to give this site a shot and I was extremely glad I did. Beyond satisfied with amazing customer service, fast shipping and even came a lot quicker than expected. Where I see most people going wrong is ordering from a warehouse that’s far away from them, under each product you can see how long it takes after payment is processed, that could take a couple of days and I like the flexibility of being able to pay in several ways. Fast responses and even when I felt like I was being annoying by asking every few days I was reassured I wasn’t and was pleasantly happy to hear they were there for me and kept me posted. Everything came discreetly within a week, ordered on a Monday and came next Monday and overall extremely happy with the experience that they not only have a repeat customer but I absolutely recommend checking them out!

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Hi Ryan,
We thank you for your support and your heartwarming comments.
We will always do our best for you and all our customers.
Your satisfaction is our priority.
See you soon on the site and good treatment!


Mar 7, 2023

7 business days 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

3 days to confirm,3 days to get to my doorstep USA domestic is where it’s at 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Hi Khafid,
Thank you very much for sharing and your trust. We will always give the best for our customers and do not hesitate to contact us for any request.

Michael Malone

Feb 24, 2023

The money for my last order was debited…

Thank you PHB for getting in touch I’ll wait the 3-9 days . My past orders were fine thankyou for shining some light on the situation I have been patient now I have some reassurance I feel alot better .Michael

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Hi Michael Malone,
We are sorry about this situation.
From the checks it seems that the package is in transit and in motion.
As you have chosen a warehouse outside of the United States, it is quite normal to have a longer delay than before.
The package is already on its way and you will receive it soon, we guarantee it
We hope you will change your mind about us once the order is received.


Jan 3, 2023

I was very very skeptical

I was very very skeptical. And I am very happy/satisfied with what I got. I would recommend again. But I have to remember this isn’t amzn or other retailers, so a little patience might be necessary. But trust me, it is way worth it. Thank you.!!!

→ Reply from Pharmahub
We thank you very much for this feedback and your great support.
Our team will always give the best for your satisfaction and we take in our feedback to improve on all points.
We hope you like the products and we hope to see you again for the next order.

J Gilbert

Aug 24, 2022

Excellent performance

Excellent performance. After payment within 2 weeks had the order delivered in good order.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Hi J Gilbert,
Thank you very much for sharing
We always give the best for every customer and will do our best for your satisfaction
Do not hesitate to contact us for any request.
We wish you a good treatment and hope to see you again for the next order


Jul 19, 2022

Great Tech Support

This is my second review for PHB. I made a secondary order with PHB and I received my order earlier than expected with great discreet shipping. My order had a small discreptancey and I had reached out to PHB support team. They helped me diligently and resolved the issue within 3 business days. I felt like i was taken care of, and the support team were true to their word. I will defiantly do business again with Pharma Hub and recommend then to anyone interested in the products they have.
Thank you,

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Hello David,
Thank you so much for sharing and supporting me.
We will not stop giving our best for each of our customers and especially for your satisfaction.
We wish you a good treatment and do not hesitate to ask us for any request
The whole team thanks you for your trust


Jul 6, 2022

I was scared of being scammed

Took 2 months and had to constantly ask for updates. BUT that’s expected.
All suspicions and fears of being scammed went out the window, everything arrived packaged well and I couldn’t be happier. Definitely the only place I’ll be ordering from.
Why look at other places when this works? I’ll just have to give myself a 2 month window to re-up.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Hi Khafid,
The whole team thanks you for sharing.
We would like to apologize for the delay and reassure you that we are working on it to improve and give more satisfaction.
This kind of feedback can only be positive for us because it boosts us and motivates us to give the best.
We hope to see you again for the next order and we wish you a good treatment


May 24, 2022


Pharmahub delivered just how advertised. Will do business again. Thank you PHB.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Hi David,
Thank you very much for sharing.
Once again, we welcome you to the site and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
Our service is at your disposal whether it is about the order, the cycle or anything else.
We wish you a good treatment and see you next time.


Apr 27, 2022

PHB came through as promised

PHB came through as promised. It took a bit longer than expected, but worth it. Thanks PHB – great product!

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Thank you very much for sharing
Sorry again for the inconvenience sir. Our team will always do its best for your satisfaction.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any question.
We wish you a good treatment and see you next time I hope

Jeff Persi

Nov 25, 2021

Quality Products with Exceptional Service!!!

Hey guys, happy to give a review when a company provides a sale & service that are nothing short of awesome!
Unfortunately we had a small glitch with shipping…which I guess is bound to happen with International Shipping, but these guys went above and beyond to not only correct the problem but communicated with me during the complete process. So I guess to have a day or two in limbo sucks, but considering the way they jumped to fix the issue was incredible. Also considering what was shipped in completely discreet packaging.
Happy to give this company a 5 Star + review and highly recommend them to you and anyone else looking to get quality products for great prices.
Thank You Again, PharmaHub!

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Hi Jeff Persi,
Thank you very much for your comment and sharing.
We are delighted that you received the order and that you are finally satisfied with your purchase
We stand by our commitments and will always give the best and the most for our customers
We wish you a good treatment

Travis Mccarthy

Jul 15, 2021

Amazing service

Received my order for Sustanon250mg – 1amp – Organon on time. Have to say, the service is just amazing, and overall, I am satisfied with my purchase.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Hi Travis Mccarthy
Thank you very much for sharng and supporting.
and in excellent condition.
Our team gives its best and will always do its best to make sure that every customer is satisfied with their experience
We wish you a good treatment and we will welcome you with pleasure for your future orders
Kind regards


Jul 9, 2021

Don’t be fooled by the fake five star reviews

I placed my first order around June 7th. It is July 7th now and I still do not have the order. I made the mistake of placing a second order before I received my first order. I placed an order on June 20th & they still haven’t even shipped it. No tracking number. Nothing. I’m losing faith in both orders. And my second order hasn’t even been sent after 2 weeks. I am going to move them up one star because customer service is outstanding but everything else has become a headache.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Hello Dustin
We are sad that you give us a bad grade despite the explanations and information we give you about your requests.
We are not looking for any excuse, we communicate you the exact information on the evolution of your parcel.
We have sent the package to the right address and we have always provided you with a link to track the package. It was never returned but still in transit to the destination for delivery.
The second order was delayed and we are already working on that internally so we don’t make you wait any longer.
Please check your email, customer service has sent you an email
We hope you will change your mind about us


Jun 19, 2021

Received all my products in good time

Received all my products in good time. Customer service was excellent. Placed a ticket for the order, cause it seemed kind of slow and I got a response immediately with good information. I plan on ordering from Pharmahub in the future. Haven’t started using the product yet, will post another review.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Thank you very much for sharing because it makes us happy.
The satisfaction of our dear customers is always a plus to motivate us and to surpass ourselves.
Please feel free to give us feedback on the products as well.
We will remain at your disposal for any question and any request
Kind regards


May 29, 2021

I got my order.

This site is real. I called them a ripoff. But now I must take that back. So Sorry Pharmahub. It takes awhile to get what you order but they will send it. Waiting on my second order now.Second order came yesterday. I will order again soon.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Hi Richard
We have checked the order as well as the email exchanges and it seems to us that the customer service has answered you well.
If you sent a message via chat, they are available during business days so it is normal that you did not receive an answer instantly.
In any case, your order is already ready for shipping
Don’t hesitate to check your email inbox to get the tracking number
Hopefully you will remove this negative note about us as there is nothing wrong with the order

Scott H.

Apr 25, 2021

Patiently awaiting my products

Hello so far my experience has been great . Fast response to my questions. This is my first time working with this team I placed two orders and thus far I have received only two products from my first order and have six more to come .On my second order I just got a tracking number so I’m looking forward to changing my review once I receive the rest of my products (28) more. Thank you and have a great day. At this time I have great confidence with this team. I am very pleased to give them 5 💯 percent stars thank you.greetings its april 25 almost two months sence I placed my orders out of 30 items I have recieved only 3. I’m adding this experience because I want people to know that this team is on point with all I have asked concerning my orders.During the covid times now we can expect to have to wait more than the normal time to receive products. The various suppliers all have more restrictions to deal with so just have patience and your time waiting will be rewarded. The team is working the best they can and from my experience with several suppliers including PHub are all moving slow. PHub is by far the most efficient. Thank you and Be patient all will work out
Have a great day

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Hello Scott H
Thank you for sharing and for your comment.
We are also delighted to count you among our customers
Some orders have already been sent as you know and another part is already in progress. It will normally be sent this week and as soon as the tracking number is available, the customer service will not fail to communicate it to you
We already wish you a good reception of the parcels and a good treatment
Have a nice day


Mar 13, 2021

First Time Order Experience – Product Quality & shipping Time!

*Original rating 3 stars*
I placed my order last night around 3AM and made the payment via Zelle. First time buyer here of PharmaHub. I have received an email today February 9th confirming the payment was received. It hasn’t been 24hours since I placed my order. So far so good. I will change my rating according to the quality, shipping and handling process. I will update you folks. Stay toned!
*Original rating updated to 2 stars*
UPDATE: It’s been 9 DAYS since I placed my order
*No tracking number received yet.
*Website down most of the time. At least %80 of the time I try to check-in for an update. The website shows an Error 404 message.
I’m a little freaked out to be honest. But maybe shipping will be faster once tracking number is received? Who knows. Stay toned.
*Original rating updated back to 3 stars*
UPDATE: Feb 19th just a day after my last update
Received one component of 6.
Also received an email about why their site is down most of the time I checked it out. Turns out some IT maintenance since it’s a new website. I’ll have to say, so far so good. This source has a huge potential for growth. I will bump up to 4 stars based on delivery window. 5 stars once I test the quality. Will keep updating. Stay toned.
This is a reply to the comment below from PharmaHub
As you requested on Feb 24th I reached out and still no tracking number. I will update my rating once I receive a tracking number.
UPDATE: Feb 26th
I was informed by email after i have pressed for the tracking number that they were out of stock of one of the products I’ve ordered. They suggested a lower dosage of the same component and said “will throw in an extra vial for you to compensate” that was nice but still inconvenience. I followed up with another email about when I might be expecting its arrival and no response yet.
Also I checked Dragon Pharma’s website to verify if they’re affiliated with PharmaHub and they denied any connections. So I sent out an email to PharmaHub asking for clarification on where are they getting their product from and how can I trust that it’s legit and have received no answers yet. It’s been over 24 hours now.
2 hours until it’s March 10th and still I haven’t received my order. Nor the tracking number they had provided 4 days ago works.
March 12: I have received the products. Packaged well and discreet. I will change my rating to 4 stars. You guys could improve eventually in terms of delivery time.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Hello MitchieSF
Thank you for your comment and sharing. So that we can also give you the right information about your order in real time, please send us the order number internally or your contact details.
The customer service is also at your disposal if you have any questions about your order and its progress.
The site has been under maintenance for some time but it has already been repaired.
We are still waiting for you to send us the information about your order internally.
We hope that you will change the review to a positive review once the order has arrived.

Jonathan Reynolds

Oct 23, 2020

Excellent customer service and super fast delivery!!!

Pharmahub has been my go-to website to buy steroids. Last week, I received the Turinabol 10mg 100tabs, which was packed well, considering all the safety measures. I am glad that this website provided me those tablets at such an affordable price.
Since it’s been a week I am consuming those tabs, I have already started seeing a lot of changes in my body. Sooner gonna get the complete result…..Gym freaks going to love this website a lot!!!

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Hello Jonathan,
Thank you for this positive feedback, it is a real pleasure for us to know that you have received your order and that the product is working well. Know that we are working with a trusted laboratory. The product is therefore of good quality. Our entire team wishes you a good cycle and see you soon for a new order.

TopAllCor Inc

Sep 18, 2020

New source with fast service

New source with fast service – decided to give a trial shot after friend’s advise.
Ordered: Myo Enanthate 250 and Susta of the same brand.
Ordered on September 14 – and got stuff today in discreet package.
Now just need to see how it works and let you know the results after couple weeks.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion on the site.
We look forward to seeing you again,
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