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The thyroid gland of the human produces and secretes two key hormones, namely; Triiodothyronine or T3 and Levothyroxine or T4. The primary job of these hormones is to regulate the body’s metabolic rate. This refers to the way the body breaks down the carbohydrate, fat, and protein you consume.

Where the level of T4 and T3 hormones in the body is low, the rate of metabolism will decrease. However, where the T3 and T4 thyroid hormone level is high, then the rate of metabolism will significantly increase.

T4 Cytomel is a synthetically created compounds that mimics the activities of levothyroxine in the body. Bodybuilders buy T4 Cytomel online to help regulate their metabolism in order to burn fat and lose body weight.

In this guide, you will get to know the effects of T4 Cytomel on the body. You will also learn about T4 Cytomel cycle and dosage. Finally, you will hear from bodybuilders that have used T4 Cytomel for their cutting programs and you will get to know where you can buy authentic T4 Cytomel online.

T4 Cytomel Effects

T4 Cytomel is one orally administered drug with perfect bioavailability and is mostly tolerated by most users. T4 Cytomel can be used as a standalone drug or stacked with known androgenic-anabolic steroid drugs.

As a matter of fact, most trainers advise that you run a T4 Cytomel cycle along with androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS) and a decent dietary program. This is necessary in order to avoid a loss of skeletal muscle mass.

Using T4 Cytomel with AAS for bulking will not only boost your metabolism and trigger thermogenesis, but will also promote the development of lean, dry, vascular skeletal muscles.

In summary, some of the major T4 Cytomel effects in bodybuilding include;

  • Increased metabolism: T4 Cytomel will boost your rate of metabolism. You will break down food quicker than before. You combustion and energy conversion rate will be faster than ever before.
  • Increased energy levels: T4 Cytomel will promote lipolysis and the quick conversion of fat deposits into a viable source of energy for high interval intensity training (HIIT).
  • Development of lean muscle mass: T4 Cytomel will promote the repartitioning of body fat deposits into lean skeletal muscle mass. T4 Cytomel also helps to prevent the wastage of skeletal muscle mass, especially during the off-season or recovery from HIIT injuries.
  • Enhanced fat burning: Increasing your metabolism will lead to thermogenesis which helps in burning excess body fat including visceral fat.
  • A loss of body weight: The burning of body fat will lead to significant weight loss. T4 Cytomel is an excellent weight loss drug alternative that is highly tolerable by both male and female bodybuilders.

Recommended T4 Cytomel Cycle and Dosage

A typical T4 cycle plan can run for 4 to 8 weeks as follows;

Week 1: 100 mcg daily,
Week 2: 150 mcg daily,
Week 3: 200 mcg daily,
Week 4: 150 mcg daily,
Week 5: 100 mcg daily,
Week 6: 50 mcg daily,
Week 7: nil.

As you can see, you start off with 100 mcg of T4 Cytomel taken daily for the first week. By the second week, you increase your daily dosage by 50 mcg giving you 150 mcg for that week.

In the third week, your daily dosage is further increased by 50 mcg to give you 200 mcg. You then start to reduce your dosage by 50 mcg from the fourth week until your daily dosage drops to zero in the seventh week.

The point in dropping your daily T4 Cytomel dosage is to allow your thyroid gland to start generating endogenous levothyroxine hormones on its own accord.

Note that T4 Cytomel is a potent drug that should not be taken if you have cardiac or thyroid health problems. You should consult with your doctor before you start using T4 Cytomel for your bodybuilding program.

User Review on T4?

Below are some T4 Cytomel reviews from users;

Silvia, Ohio

Not much to say other than that T4 Cytomel is the champ when it comes to burning body fat fast without side effects to worry about. I was hovering around 220 – 240 Ib (100 – 109 kg) before I started a T4 cycle, but now I am about 180 – 190 Ib (82 – 86 kg). T4 Cytomel is great stuff!

Clint, Auckland (New Zealand)

I ran my T4 Cytomel cycle with a dietary plan and cutting workout schedule. I was amazed by the outcome in just the second week of the cycle. I had lost approximately 10 Ib/ 4.5 kg of body fat which is a lot considering that before now I had spent a lot of time working out in the gym, but to no avail. I’m extremely happy with the results, thanks guys.

Jones, Cincinnati

I just have two words for you – “GREAT WORK! I received my T4 Cytomel order in 3 days which was quite impressive considering the difficulty due to COVID restrictions. I followed the dosage recommendations and it worked like a charm. I feel lighter and fitter than ever before. My energy level is also up while my muscles look and feel hard. I’ll surely tell my gym buddies to buy T4 Cytomel online from you guys.

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