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It was in the 1950s that Halotestin Fluoxymesterone first made its way to mainstream medicine. Initially this androgenic-anabolic steroid (AAS) was recommended for treating delayed puberty in boys and for testosterone replacement therapy. Halotestin or Halo was also prescribed for the treatment of breast cancer and anemia.

But it was in the world of bodybuilding that Halo would come to be well known as an effective bulking, and performance-enhancing AAS. Halotestin does not aromatize like testosterone which makes it a preferred choice, especially amongst male bodybuilders because it does not turn into estrogen when consumed.

This orally administered AAS has a high tolerability and bioavailability. Halo is hepatotoxic and metabolised by the liver, it also has a 9 hour elimination half-life.

In this post, you will learn about the effects and benefits of Halo. You will also get to know about the recommended cycle, and where to buy Halotestin for sale in the USA.

Halotestin Effects

When you buy and use authentic Halotestin for sale, you can expect the following Halotestin effects;

1) Increase in skeletal muscle mass: The anabolic properties of Halo is about 20 times higher than that of testosterone. To this end, you can expect a significant increase in your skeletal muscle mass when you run a Halo cycle. Halo stimulates IGF-1 hormone which promotes the production of C4 and C1INH protein. Halo also increases your body’s nitrogen retention and protein synthesis which subsequently ensures that you experience a growth in your skeletal muscles.

2) Enhanced strength: Halotestin will boost your red blood cell count. Red blood cells carry oxygenated blood to every organ in your body. With increased red blood cells, the buildup of lactic acid in your muscle tissue during high interval intensity training (HIIT) is reduced. This ensures that you have greater muscle energy, and strength to engage in large compound lifts at your local gym.

3) Increased stamina: Apart from providing strength gains, a raised red blood cell count will also improve your cardiovascular conditioning and increase your overall stamina. With an enhanced endurance level, you will be able to workout for much longer than before.

4) Promoting speedy recovery: Halo is known to help in the speedy recovery from HIIT muscle injuries. Halo promotes the production of collagen which helps in healing torn ligaments and tendons. Collagen will also help to increase your bone density and protect you from bone fractures during intense workouts.

5) Maintaining muscle mass: During your off-season or a downtime due to injuries, Halo can help to maintain skeletal muscle mass gains. Halo will not promote fluid retention which is principally responsible for weight gain. With Halotestin, you will have lean, dry, hard, vascular, and firm muscle mass.

It is important to note that unlike testosterone, Halo does not aromatize. What this means is that Halotestin will not convert to estrogen in the body. High estrogen levels are responsible for feminization in male bodybuilders.

In addition, Halo can raise your red blood cells to a level where you are at risk of sludging. Sludging can lead to a clogging of your arteries and veins which could lead to cardiovascular-related health concerns, such as; stroke, cardiac arrest, and even sudden death. To avoid these health issues, it is important that you maintain a moderate Halo cycle and dosage plan.

Recommended Halotestin Cycle

Halo is a hepatotoxic steroid, as it is metabolised by your liver and therefore a short cycle is often recommended for all levels of bodybuilders. The use of liver protection medication is also advised during a Halo cycle. But before you start any Halo cycle, you should consult with your doctor to know if you are healthy enough to proceed with a Halotestin cycle.

Oral Halotestin is available in 2 to 10 mg concentration and beginners are expected to start their first cycle with a low dosage. The recommended Halo cycle length is 4 weeks or one month.

Halotestin is well-tolerated by male and female users, but a misuse of the drug can result in virilization side effects in female users. Abusing Halo can also result in an enlargement of the prostate, roid rage, and cardiovascular system toxicity.

Recommended Halotestin Dosage

Bodybuilders are advised to run a 4 week cycle taking a daily Halotestin dosage of 20 to 40 mg. As a matter of fact, taking 10 mg of Halo before yoir regular workout session in the gym is recommended as Halo increases aggression levels. Aggression can be a positive thing, especially when it is channeled towards your HIIT program.

Here’s the breakdown of a typical Halo cycle and dosage plan for beginner to advanced level users;

Week 1: Halo (20 to 40 mg/day),
Week 2: Halo (20 to 40 mg/day),
Week 3: Halo (20 to 40 mg/day),
Week 4: Halo (20 to 40 mg/day).

Where to Buy Oral Halotestin?

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