Why and Where to buy Genuine Injectable Primobolan for Sale

Injectable Primobolan for Sale

Before you buy injectable Primobolan for sale online, you should first familiarise yourself with the drug. Primobolan is a brand name for the androgenic-anabolic steroid (AAS) drug known as methenolone.

This steroid is available in both oral and injectable forms. However, the Primobolan injection delivers the methenolone compound in the body quicker than its oral counterpart.

Methenolone was originally created for the treatment of ailing patients. Malnourished children are often given this drug to help them gain considerable body weight. Methenolone is effective in the treatment of sarcopenia and osteoporosis in the elderly patients.

But while Primobolan provides strong medical results, it is in the bodybuilding world that this drug is well known. You will learn more about Primobolan in this post including preferred bodybuilding cycles, dosages, effects, and results. Finally, you will also get to know where to buy Primobolan.

What you need to know before you buy Primobolan

Before you buy Primobolan for sale, you need to know that this injectable steroid is great for preserving your bodybuilding gains during an off-season. Primobolan will ensure that you do not lose muscle mass when you stop training due to injury or when there is no forthcoming bodybuilding contest to prepare for.

Primobolan also quickens recovery from damaged muscle ligaments, and torn tendons. This steroid will even quicken your recovery from broken bones. When methenolone is injected into your body, aromatization of the compound will not occur.

Primobolan does not change into estrogen which means that your estrogen hormone levels do not increase beyond normal. High estrogen hormone levels are mainly responsible for male bodybuilders experiencing side effects like gynecomastia, and fluid retention.

Primobolan injection can be used by both male and female athletes. The steroid will not harm your vital organs like the liver and kidneys. Injectable methenolone is well-tolerated and has an elimination half-life of 10 days.

When Primobolan is injected, a number of anabolic activities occur in your body, these include;

  • A spike in your red blood cell production,
  • An increase in nitrogen retention,
  • A boost in the production of protein in your body,
  • A rise in protein synthesis,
  • A rise in your metabolic rate, and
  • An increased production of collagen.

These bodily activities contribute to a number of bodybuilding gains, such as;

  • Strength, agility, and endurance gains.
  • Skeletal muscle mass gains.
  • A loss of excessive body fat and weight.
  • Increased bone density.

Primobolan Cycle and Dosage

Your Primobolan cycle and dosage would depend on the bodybuilding goal(s) you intend achieving. It would also depend on your age, gender, body mass index (BMI), present state of health, and so on.

You should consult with your doctor or a professional bodybuilding coach before running a Primobolan cycle. Injectable Primobolan for sale can be used by male or female bodybuilders. However, the cycle and dosage for female bodybuilders will be less than that for male bodybuilders.

The typical methenolone (standalone) cycle and dosage for all levels of male bodybuilders is as follows;

  • Beginners:

Week 1: 400 mg per week,
Week 2: 400 mg per week,
Week 3: 400 mg per week,
Week 4: 400 mg per week,
Week 5: 400 mg per week,
Week 6: 400 mg per week,
Week 7: 400 mg per week,
Week 8: 400 mg per week,
Week 9: 400 mg per week,
Week 10: 400 mg per week.

  • Intermediate and advanced:

Week 1: 700 to 1,000 mg per week,
Week 2: 700 to 1,000 mg per week,
Week 3: 700 to 1,000 mg per week,
Week 4: 700 to 1,000 mg per week,
Week 5: 700 to 1,000 mg per week,
Week 6: 700 to 1,000 mg per week,
Week 7: 700 to 1,000 mg per week,
Week 8: 700 to 1,000 mg per week,
Week 9: 700 to 1,000 mg per week,
Week 10: 700 to 1,000 mg per week.

Primobolan injection can be taken as a standalone drug and by all levels of female bodybuilders as follows;

  • Beginner and intermediate:

Week 1: 50 to 150 mg per week,
Week 2: 50 to 150 mg per week,
Week 3: 50 to 150 mg per week,
Week 4: 50 to 150 mg per week,
Week 5: 50 to 150 mg per week,
Week 6: 50 to 150 mg per week,
Week 7: 50 to 150 mg per week,
Week 8: 50 to 150 mg per week,
Week 9: 50 to 150 mg per week,
Week 10: 50 to 150 mg per week.

  • Advanced:

Week 1: 200 mg per week,
Week 2: 200 mg per week,
Week 3: 200 mg per week,
Week 4: 200 mg per week,
Week 5: 200 mg per week,
Week 6: 200 mg per week,
Week 7: 200 mg per week,
Week 8: 200 mg per week,
Week 9: 200 mg per week,
Week 10: 200 mg per week.

You can also stack Primobolan with other anabolic steroids, such as; Winstrol (Winny), Trenbolone (Tren), and Testosterone enanthate (Test). Consult with your physician or trainer before you stack Primobolan with other AAS.

Primobolan Effects

You can come to expect great Primobolan effects within the 10 week cycle. Some of the bodybuilding gains of using Primobolan include;

  • Increased skeletal muscle mass: Primobolan promotes nitrogen retention, C4/C1INH protein production, and protein synthesis which helps to increase your skeletal muscle mass. You can expect more than 3 kg or 7 Ibs of muscle mass after 10 weeks.
  • Lean, hard, and vascular muscles: Primobolan will not cause you to retain water in your muscle tissues. This is because Primobolan will not aromatize and turn into estrogen in your body. Water retention is a common estrogenic/androgenic side effect. As a result, your skeletal muscle gain will be dry, hard, firm, lean, and vascular.
  • Body weight loss: Primobolan promotes thermogenesis and increases your metabolism. These activities lead to the burning of excess visceral/ total body fat and body weight loss. Your physical appearance will be hard and shredded when you use Primobolan.
  • Quick recovery: Primobolan will help you recover quickly from broken bones, muscle tendon, and ligament damage. Primobolan increases your collagen production. Collagen is important for repairing torn muscles and bone fractures. Collagen is also great for increasing bone density.
  • Skeletal muscle mass preservation: You can preserve your bodybuilding gains when you stop training due to injuries. Even during an off-season, you can use Primobolan to keep in shape and prevent muscle loss.

Where to Buy Primobolan?

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