How Effective is Cardarine as a Fat Burner?

Most bodybuilders want nothing more than a sculpted physique with lean muscle mass and fat loss gains, but not every bodybuilder knows where to begin to achieve this goal.

But there is one tried and trusted way to lose body fat fast and that is with the use of Cardarine (GW501516).

In this post, you will learn just how effective Cardarine is as a fat burner by providing anecdotal evidence from a few bodybuilders.

In addition to this, we will answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Cardarine for fat loss including the the best cycle and dosage plan, the amount of weight loss you should expect from your first Cardarine cycle, if the fat loss is permanent, and the possible side effect that you should be wary of when using Cardarine for fat loss.

However, we begin this article by revealing the best Cardarine cycle for first-timers.

The Best Cardarine Cycle for Fat Loss

The first thing you should know before cycling Cardarine is that it is not an FDA-approved drug and therefore you might want to first sort out how you intend to get the drug delivered to you.

It is important to note that because Cardarine is in high demand by bodybuilders looking to significantly shed body fat and boost their muscular endurance, there is a good number of fake products in the black market.

Using fake or adulterated Cardarine could potentially be harmful to your health, so you should endeavor to seek out a reliable online source for ordering pharmaceutical-grade Cardarine. One of such online sources is Pharmahub. We offer high-quality Cardarine from internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies like Euro Pharmacies, Spectrelabs, Deus-Medical, and Dragon Pharma.



As a PPARδ agonist, Cardarine (GW501516) is effective in promoting lipolysis in users, as long as the right cycle and dosage plan are observed.

Based on the experience of Cardarine users, we have come up with a recommended Cardarine cycle and dosage plan for first-time users.

However, note that while this Cardarine cycle and dosage plan were effective in helping the bodybuilders concerned to achieve significant day loss, there are other factors to consider before running with this Cardarine cycle.

For starters, genetics plays a crucial role in how well your body responds to your use of Cardarine. Some people respond faster than others while a few individuals may be genetically predisposed to fat gain and their bodies may not respond quickly to fat loss on our recommended Cardarine cycle.

You need to consult your physician before running a Cardarine cycle and this could help you in knowing your genetic advantages and/or limitations beforehand.

Also, your diet and training regimen can either hasten or hinder your cutting gains when you are on a Cardarine cycle.

That being said, we recommend an 8 to 12 week Cardarine cycle with a daily dosage of between 10 to 20 mg. You might also want to know that your body may develop a PPARδ agonist tolerance during your cycling of Cardarine. Therefore, your second Cardarine cycle may not offer you significant cutting gains compared to your first Cardarine cycle.

What is the Expected Weight Loss on a Cardarine Cycle?

As mentioned already, to put an exact figure on the amount of weight loss you should expect from your Cardarine cycle is a bit tricky, as it all depends on your genetics, Cardarine cycle and dosage plan, diet and lifestyle choices, and training regimen.

It is also worth noting that running an extended Cardarine cycle with a higher daily dosage plan is no guarantee for how much weight you should expect to lose. You could lose more weight on an 8-week, 10mg per day Cardarine cycle compared to a 12-week cycle with a daily Cardarine dosage of 20mg. It all depends on your genetic makeup, daily dietary considerations, and training routine.

Nevertheless, from the anecdotal evidence available, we deduced that between 20 and 30 pounds (lbs) of weight can be lost if you settle for a calorie-deficit diet, and regimented training program while running an 8-week Cardarine cycle with 10mg taken daily within the cycle duration.



Does Cardarine offer Permanent Fat Burning Gains?

From what we have gathered from people who have completed a Cardarine cycle, their fat loss appears to be permanent.

However, one thing is clear, and that is, to maintain their new body fat percentage, the daily calorie count of these people needs to consume maintenance calories and not a calorie surplus.

But when it comes to the muscular endurance benefits that Cardarine can offer users, this performance-enhancing gain leans more on the side of being temporary rather than permanent, and this is mainly a result of mitochondrial biogenesis.

Improvements in muscular stamina and endurance in Cardarine users often arise due to the strength of repetition in training and muscle memory.

The Effects of Cardarine Use on Your Health

While Cardarine is proven to be effective in stimulating fat loss, your cutting gains may come at a price. From our experience, the side effects that Cardarine users encounter during a cycle may vary due to several reasons including their current health status and genetic predisposition to certain ailments.

Here are three observations that we have made based on anecdotal evidence.

Cardarine and Hepatotoxicity

We have discovered that Cardarine may exhibit hepatotoxicity in some users while not so much in other individuals. In some cases, users had stable ALT and AST scores even at the end of an 8-week Cardarine cycle. However, this was not the case in all users, as some experienced varying degrees of abnormalities in their liver function.

Several studies have been carried out about the effects of Cardarine use on the liver.

In one study, it was observed that Cardarine protected the liver of subjects through beta-oxidation regulation while another study provided a clear link between Cardarine and liver fibrosis.

We are yet to understand why Cardarine may appear harmless to the liver of some users and harmful to others. But one thing is clear, if you have a preexisting liver-related ailment, you could worsen the situation if you run a Cardarine cycle as a result of cellular proliferation.

As an orally administered drug, the metabolism of Cardarine occurs in your liver and could affect your liver function by elevating both the ALT and AST levels.

We therefore recommend that liver protection medication like Samarin, LIV-52, n2Guard or TUDCA should be taken alongside your daily Cardarine dosage.

Cardarine may Improve your Cardiovascular Health

A clinical study suggests that patients on a 10mg per day Cardarine dosage witnessed their high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL) level rise by as much as 16.9% thereby improving their overall lipid profile.

This very well aligns with our anecdotal evidence which showed that Cardarine users on a 10mg per day dosage experienced a drop of about 10% in their low-density lipoprotein (LDL) “bad cholesterol” levels while their HDL levels rose by as much as 20%.



Cardarine may be Carcinogenic in Nature

In one study, it was observed that Cardarine was responsible for cancer in lab mice. While the carcinogenic effects of Cardarine on humans are yet to be established, we advise that you maintain a short Cardarine cycle and low daily dosage plan, just to be on the safe side.

A daily Cardarine dosage of 10mg over the cycle course of 4 to 6 weeks should suffice if you want to lower your risk of contracting cancer.

It is also worth mentioning that we have observed many Cardarine users on an 8 to 12-week cycle taking a daily dosage of between 10-20 mg, and these users had no cause for concern.

However, the case may not be the same for individuals who may have a predisposition for cancer due to their medical history.

Before and After a Cardarine Cycle

Case #1:

John (a pseudonym) ran a first-time Cardarine cycle for 12 weeks taking a daily dosage of 20mg. At the end of his cycle, he had lost about 10% body fat culminating in a total of 40 pounds (lbs) of weight loss. John had also gained lean muscle mass with a sculpted torso and six-pack.

Case #2:

In just one month of taking 10mg daily of Cardarine, Phil had lost 4% of body fat totalling 20 pounds (lbs). In addition to this, Phil had improved stamina in just the second week into his Cardarine cycle as evident in his longer daily cardio workout sessions.



Cardarine is a proven fat burner with considerable potential for weight loss by significantly lowering a user’s body fat percentage.

We recommend that you run a Cardarine cycle of between 10 to 20mg per day over an 8 to 12-week cycle. But before you do, try to consult with your physician first, to know if you are suitably healthy for a Cardarine cycle.

It is also important that you source your Cardarine only from a reliable online source, and Pharmahub offers you an opportunity to choose pharma-grade Cardarine from the stables of some internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies like Euro Pharmacies, Spectrelabs, Deus-Medical, and Dragon Pharma today.

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