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Oral Testosterone for sale online

As a bodybuilder, you can now have the choice of using injectable testosterone or testosterone in oral form. If you are one of many needle shy bodybuilders, then the oral form of testosterone would be ideal for your needs.

You can now purchase authentic oral testosterone for sale online from a reliable source. In this guide, you will learn where you can get pure testing oral form for your bulking workout and training program. You will also get to know why bodybuilders buy oral testosterone, as well as recommended cycles, and dosages.

Why buy Oral Testosterone?

Bodybuilder buy original oral testosterone for sale for the following reasons;

  • To increase body size: This anabolic steroid will promote weight gain by boosting your IGF-1 hormone production. IGF-1 stimulates amino acid production which is necessary for an increased growth in your body size.
  • To build skeletal muscle mass: Oral testosterone will build skeletal muscle mass by increasing your protein production, nitrogen retention, and protein synthesis.
  • Oral testosterone is a safe and mild steroid: This oral anabolic steroid is not hepatotoxic by nature. It is absorbed by your lymphatic node and not your liver. This ensures that your liver is protected from any chemically-induced damage.
  • Solo or combined cycles: You can either take oral testosterone alone in a standalone cycle or you may decide to stack this drug with other anabolic steroids. Either way, you are sure to experience impressive bulking results.
  • Impressive strength gains: By using this steroid, you will boost your red blood cell count which promotes good cardiovascular conditioning, stamina, and increased muscle strength.
  • Faster recovery time: Your body’s production of collagen is enhanced when you use testosterone in oral form. This helps in promoting a fast recovery from injuries sustained during high interval intensity training (HIIT).

What Oral Testosterone Dosage is Best?

The best oral testosterone dosage for beginners and advanced bodybuilders is 400 mg taken daily for more than one month. This dosage amounts to 2,800 mg of oral testosterone per week.

You should take a high weekly dosage because the bioavailability of this anabolic steroid is low. With a high dosage, you will experience greater anabolic effects with an increase in your body size and skeletal muscle mass.

Note that with every dosage of oral testosterone that you take, you should consume dietary fat of at least 20 grams. Never take oral testosterone on an empty stomach because of its low bioavailability. Taking this steroid with food will help your body to fully absorb its active compounds. While oral Test is generally safe for use, consult with your doctor or trainer before running a cycle.

If you have liver health concerns, using liver protection medications like Liv52 or Samarin along with your recommended oral Test dosage will help to protect your liver from any chemical induced damage.

Oral Testosterone Cycles

You can run a solo cycle with the genuine oral testosterone for sale that you purchase online. The recommended length for using this drug is 6 weeks, as follows;

Week 1: 400 mg daily,
Week 2: 400 mg daily,
Week 3: 400 mg daily,
Week 4: 400 mg daily,
Week 5: 400 mg daily,
Week 6: 400 mg daily.

Oral Testosterone/Anavar (Var) cycle:

Oral testosterone can be used with Anavar (Var). This will provide you with both increased skeletal muscle mass, and fat burning gains. You can run this stack as follows;

Week 1: 400 mg daily + Var (15 mg/day),
Week 2: 400 mg daily + Var (15 mg/day),
Week 3: 400 mg daily + Var (15 mg/day),
Week 4: 400 mg daily + Var (15 mg/day),
Week 5: 400 mg daily + Var (15 mg/day),
Week 6: 400 mg daily + Var (15 mg/day).

Oral Testosterone/Dianabol (Dbol) cycle:

For even greater bulking gains, you can combine oral testosterone with Dianabol (Dbol), as follows;

Week 1: 400 mg daily + Var (20 mg/day),
Week 2: 400 mg daily + Var (20 mg/day),
Week 3: 400 mg daily + Var (25 mg/day),
Week 4: 400 mg daily + Var (25 mg/day),
Week 5: 400 mg daily + Var (25 mg/day),
Week 6: 400 mg daily + Var (25 mg/day).

Although oral testosterone can be stacked with other AAS, you should first consult your physician and/or personal coach before running a combined anabolic steroid cycle.

Your personal trainer will also recommend the best post-cycle therapy (PCT) plan for you. Using oral Test can suppress your endogenous testosterone and raise your estrogen levels. But using anti-estrogen drugs like Clomid or Nolvadex will reduce your estrogen levels while also boosting your natural testosterone level.

Where to Buy Oral Testosterone?

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Oral testosterone is a milder, safer form of testosterone that beginners can use to gain huge muscle mass. It is estimated that you can gain as much as 20 to 30 Ib or 9 to 14 kg of skeletal muscle mass when you buy and use genuine oral testosterone for sale.

If you want to buy pharma grade oral testosterone, you can place your order today with PharmaHub. You can contact us now for more information on the oral testosterone products available

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