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5 stars rating

very good

As usual, to each question I received a quick and precise answer. The announced deadlines are respected and the packaging is discreet. It's my first time with Primo. 500mg per week. I saw better muscle quality, better density and fullness. I have no way of comparing but this primo did what it was supposed to do. No weight gain but a very interesting visual rendering which makes me want to test again with a higher dosage and a longer duration. No difficulty in injecting the product, No pip, no side effects and very good morale.
5 stars rating

This is was my first order with…

This is was my first order with Pharmahub, but I was impressed with their prompt replies to my questions and quality of service so I had to give them positive feedback. I decided to go with US domestic to get my order faster. The donation process was quick and painless.
5 stars rating

Fast and professional

Fast and professional, but I didn't need to communicate much because everything went according to plan. About 3 weeks after my order, internationally, my product arrived well, tight and discreet.
5 stars rating

This is the best company I have ever…

This is the best company I have ever shopped with. They were better than on time with their international shipping. Their products are great. Their staff is exceptional. I’m looking forward to working with them again.
5 stars rating

Patiently awaiting my products

Hello so far my experience has been great . Fast response to my questions. This is my first time working with this team I placed two orders and thus far I have received only two products from my first order and have six more to come .On my second order I just got a tracking number so I'm looking forward to changing my review once I receive the rest of my products (28) more. Thank you and have a great day. At this time I have great confidence with this team. I am very pleased to give them 5 💯 percent stars thank you.greetings its april 25 almost two months sence I placed my orders out of 30 items I have recieved only 3. I'm adding this experience because I want people to know that this team is on point with all I have asked concerning my orders.During the covid times now we can expect to have to wait more than the normal time to receive products. The various suppliers all have more restrictions to deal with so just have patience and your time waiting will be rewarded. The team is working the best they can and from my experience with several suppliers including PHub are all moving slow. PHub is by far the most efficient. Thank you and Be patient all will work out
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