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I have been requesting clarification on payment processing in regard to Zelle. When I try to complete my order Zelle is not payment option, it would be nice if someone could respond to my multiple requests so I can complete my purchase.

→ Reply from Pharmahub Hello,
We’re delighted you’re interested in our site.
Our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible regarding your request to pay by Zelle.
We wish you a good reception of their email.
Have a nice day!


Apr 18, 2024

Good morning,
I placed an order on this site and I have some difficulties finalizing my order. Customer service accompanied me from beginning to end. I am very honored to have your assistance.
Congratulations on your new client!

→ Reply from Pharmahub Hello

Thank you for taking the time to rate the quality of our products/services.
We’re delighted to have lived up to your expectations,
We hope to see you ordering again very soon.



Apr 10, 2024

Received the items available more locally within days. I’ve been using this site for years and depend on their service, insights, and consistency. Pharmahub is the best resource available and has a tremendously positive impact on my life.

→ Reply from Pharmahub Hello
We’re delighted to welcome you to our site.
We’re delighted that our exitence has had a positive impact on your life,
We look forward to seeing you when you order.
Best regards


Apr 8, 2024

This is my 3rd order and I’m completely satisfied with this company.thanks again

→ Reply from PharmahubHello
Thank you for your encouraging words. We’re delighted you’re happy with your experience at
We look forward to seeing you when you order!

Ry mclovin

Apr 2, 2024

How can i easily pay

→ Reply from Pharmahub
We’re delighted that you’re interested in us,
BTC is the fastest way to pay for your order, if you don’t know how to do it, please send an email to customer service and they will show you how.
Otherwise, we have other, simpler payment methods too. Head over to our support platform 🙂
We’ll be happy to help.

Rolando Zamora

Mar 5, 2024

I’m happy to share my experience here.
I have received my parcels, quality product with well secured packaging.
Delivery times well respected, very good job to you!
I recommend this site.
Thank you!

→ Reply from Pharmahub Hello
We’re delighted that everything went well for you.
We always strive to give the best of ourselves to our customers, and we’re delighted that you felt that way.
See you soon for new orders then,



Feb 15, 2024

My order is still pending payment.
I’ve already paid and sent the payment information on site, but I still haven’t received my order
Please speed up your process

→ Reply from Pharmahub Hello
First of all, I’d like to thank you for choosing us to place this order.
Secondly, in order to check the status of the payment validation, I invite you to send all the information relating to it, as well as the proof, to our customer service department.
We will be delighted to do all we can to speed up the process.
Best regards


Jan 30, 2024

I am delighted with your very efficient, fast and honest customer service.
You were with me from the beginning to the arrival of my parcel.
Good service… Thanks again.

→ Reply from Pharmahub Hello,
Thank you for your kind comment.
The whole team thanks you for trusting us and hopes to see you again when you order.


Jan 22, 2024

It’s been 20 days since I placed my order, but my package still hasn’t arrived.
I suggest you improve your delivery service.
Thank you.

→ Reply from Pharmahub Hello

We take note of your point of improvement and thank you for it.
Let me come back to a few points:
“It’s been 20 days since I placed my order, but my package still hasn’t arrived.”
We have contacted you several times to ask you to regularize your payment and send us the correct proof of payment. Without this important information, it is impossible for us to validate the payment and continue with the delivery process.
It’s not too late to send us this document.
I look forward to hearing from you,



Jan 17, 2024

Due to a logistical problem, I did not receive the exact quantity in my parcel;
First of all, I would like to say that I appreciate the speed with which the replacement product was sent.
Thanks for this high quality care guys

→ Reply from Pharmahub Hello

Thanks for your message.
We are delighted that you enjoyed the quality of support.
We hope to see you again soon,

Happy holidays!


Jan 1, 2024
5 stars rating

Always on time with products!!!!

Always on time with products!!!! Usa shipment purchases will get there within two weeks! Plan ahead so you don't miss a day Quality products on their page, detailed info on recommended doses. I love this company and have been going a year strong
5 stars rating

I was scared of being scammed

Took 2 months and had to constantly ask for updates. BUT that's expected. All suspicions and fears of being scammed went out the window, everything arrived packaged well and I couldn't be happier. Definitely the only place I'll be ordering from. Why look at other places when this works? I'll just have to give myself a 2 month window to re-up.
5 stars rating

Thanks for the steroids

Thanks for the steroids, I am happy with the product and the final outcome I got in increasing my metabolism. Yay!
5 stars rating

Great Tech Support

This is my second review for PHB. I made a secondary order with PHB and I received my order earlier than expected with great discreet shipping. My order had a small discreptancey and I had reached out to PHB support team. They helped me diligently and resolved the issue within 3 business days. I felt like i was taken care of, and the support team were true to their word. I will defiantly do business again with Pharma Hub and recommend then to anyone interested in the products they have.
5 stars rating

PHB came through as promised

PHB came through as promised. It took a bit longer than expected, but worth it. Thanks PHB - great product!
5 stars rating


Pharmahub delivered just how advertised. Will do business again. Thank you PHB.

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