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I give 4 stars only because of the time it took for my products to get to me . I have to say they stay in touch with you the whole time while waiting . Products come in as advertised . I recommend them to anyone because they are legit

→ Reply from Pharmahub

We appreciate your honest feedback on our site. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.
We’re delighted to count you among our customers and look forward to seeing you when you order.


Russell Champagne

Sep 20, 2023

It was a good idea to set up the insurance, even if it’s a bit expensive, it guarantees the parcel against any setbacks, and the order can be returned if it arrives damaged.<

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Thank you for your comment.
Indeed, it has been developed to cover breakage, loss, or seizure of the order.
We’re delighted that this option is being put to good use.
We hope that the cost will not diminish your interest in us.
Likewise, we look forward to seeing you with your order.
Best regards,


Sep 7, 2023

I’m very satisfied with this site, which is really at the TOP in terms of products, after-sales customer service, logistics, always responsive to answer by e-mail, always polite and professional. I recommend it with my eyes closed! I hope it will prosper because it stands out from the fake sites!

→ Reply from Pharmahub

We’d like to thank you very much for your positive feedback. Your opinion is of great importance to our team and inspires us to give our best. Your trust in our service is precious, and we are committed to taking all the necessary steps to ensure your complete satisfaction. We look forward to continuing to support you and are always available to meet your needs.

Yours faithfully


Sep 5, 2023

I placed an order, they listen to you everything is done quickly and the package arrives quickly very discreet I highly recommend this site. Thanks again.

→ Reply from Pharmahub

We’re delighted that everything went so smoothly! We sincerely hope that you will choose to place another order soon.

Best regards,


Sep 3, 2023

I ordered back in March 28, products were sent one by one and took a few months. Last two items are at customs and I sent a few emails inquiring an update with no response.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion with us.
We’re glad to have found common ground.
Looking forward to a better review from you.


Aug 31, 2023

It’s been 3 years since I placed my first purchase here, so far so good. I remember once my order has been delayed, but in the end it arrived. Good customer care

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Thank you for your kind words. We are delighted that you are satisfied with our service. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we will do our utmost in every case. We are delighted that you feel the same way. I look forward to seeing you again on order.
with all our best.


Aug 12, 2023

Top product quality, good responsiveness, fast shipping and tracking. Thank you

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Thank you very much for sharing
We always give the best for every customer and will do our best for your satisfaction
Do not hesitate to contact us for any request.
We wish you a good treatment and hope to see you again for the next order


Aug 5, 2023

A friend who has been buying from them for over three years recently recommended the store to me. Since then, I’ve placed two orders with them. The first time, my parcel arrived in less than a week. However, the second order I placed last week was confiscated by customs.
I’m waiting for them to get back to me.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
We’re sorry to hear that you’ve given us this note, despite the explanations and information we’ve given you about your requests.
We are not looking for excuses, we are giving you the exact information on the progress of your parcel. The second order has been entered and we are already working on it internally so as not to keep you waiting any longer.
We hope to hear from you soon about this second parcel.
Don’t hesitate to come back if you have any doubts.
Have a nice day,


Aug 3, 2023

Very very pleased just got one of 2 boxes running late but I’ve had some other stuff that I’ve checked with them with about and maybe promptly answer and reply it makes it real real convenient because I have that paid zella which is attached to my banking account I might pay a little bit more but I feel so much better doing it this way will order from again most definitely

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Thank you for that positive comment. We are delighted that you are satisfied with our service . Indeed, we put a point of honour to satisfy each of our clients and will not fail to do our best for each case. Glad you felt that. I look forward to seeing you at the command.

David Gable

Aug 1, 2023

Paid via Zelle. Website claims 48 hour response time. It’s been 4 working days and NO response. They got my money. UPDATE. I got a response AFTER posting this review that they received my payment. I’m still not holding my breath. I will be happy to update this review and change the rating when I recieve the product.

→ Reply from Pharmahub
Thank you for sharing your opinion with us,
In order to see how far along you are in the validation process, please fill in your order number, email address or any other identifying information.
We look forward to hear from you
With all our best


Jul 25, 2023
5 stars rating

Always on time with products!!!!

Always on time with products!!!! Usa shipment purchases will get there within two weeks! Plan ahead so you don't miss a day Quality products on their page, detailed info on recommended doses. I love this company and have been going a year strong
5 stars rating

I was scared of being scammed

Took 2 months and had to constantly ask for updates. BUT that's expected. All suspicions and fears of being scammed went out the window, everything arrived packaged well and I couldn't be happier. Definitely the only place I'll be ordering from. Why look at other places when this works? I'll just have to give myself a 2 month window to re-up.
5 stars rating

Thanks for the steroids

Thanks for the steroids, I am happy with the product and the final outcome I got in increasing my metabolism. Yay!
5 stars rating

Great Tech Support

This is my second review for PHB. I made a secondary order with PHB and I received my order earlier than expected with great discreet shipping. My order had a small discreptancey and I had reached out to PHB support team. They helped me diligently and resolved the issue within 3 business days. I felt like i was taken care of, and the support team were true to their word. I will defiantly do business again with Pharma Hub and recommend then to anyone interested in the products they have.
5 stars rating

PHB came through as promised

PHB came through as promised. It took a bit longer than expected, but worth it. Thanks PHB - great product!
5 stars rating


Pharmahub delivered just how advertised. Will do business again. Thank you PHB.

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