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Stanozolol is a popular brand name for the androgenic-anabolic steroid (AAS) known as Winstrol or Winny for short. Winny is an orally administered AAS with very potent fat burning effects.

This anabolic steroid is also provides bodybuilders with lean muscle mass, as Winny pills do not cause weight gain due to water retention.

With Winstrol, you can expect to have a trim, ripped, and even shredded physique. Your skeletal muscles will be hard, vascular, dry, and lean. Bodybuilders can even buy Winstrol pills for sale online during their off-season or if they are recovering from high interval intensity training (HIIT) muscle injuries.

In this post, you will get to know the popular Winny solo and combined cycles. You will also get to know more about the bodybuilding effects of a Winstrol pill cycle. Finally, you will learn more about PharmaHub, your best choice for buying oral Winstrol online.

Winstrol Cycle

Below is a typical solo Winstrol pill cycle for beginners;

Week 1: Winny (8 mg per day),
Week 2: Winny (8 mg per day),
Week 3: Winny (10 mg per day),
Week 4: Winny (10 mg per day),
Week 5: Winny (10 mg per day),
Week 6: Winny (10 mg per day).

Intermediate bodybuilders should also run a six week solo cycle, but with a higher dosage, as seen below;

Week 1: Winny 20 mg,
Week 2: Winny 20 mg,
Week 3: Winny 25 mg,
Week 4: Winny 25 mg,
Week 5: Winny 25 mg,
Week 6: Winny 25 mg.

In running this standalone cycle, you should include about 4 g of fish oil daily, and 500 mg per day of liver protection supplement (such as TUDCA, Liv52 or Samarin). You should also practice post-cycle therapy (PCT) after each cycle with 40 mg per day of Nolvadex taken over a 45 day period.

You can expect to shed body fat and weight while adding about 10 Ib or 4.5 kg of lean skeletal muscle mass when you run an oral standalone Winny cycle.

Winstrol Cycle Effects

When you run a cycle with genuine Winstrol pills for sale, you can expect the following bodybuilding effects;

  • Winny will help burn body fat: Winny promotes thermogenesis by increasing your metabolic rate. In addition to this, you will experience lipolysis as well as repartitioning of body fat. You will not only burn total body fat, but also visceral fat around your belly, hips, and buttocks.
  • Winny stimulates lean muscle mass: Winny is a versatile AAS that also promotes lean skeletal muscle mass gains. With Winstrol, your muscle gain is devoid of fluid retention. Your skeletal muscles will be dry, firm, vascular, and hard. Winny will give you a shredded and ripped physical appearance.
  • Improved athletic performance: When you stack Winny with steroids like Test, you will boost your red blood cell count and improve your cardio in the process. You will also gain more skeletal muscle strength and exceptional stamina. Winny helps you to train harder and longer than ever before.

Recommended Winstrol Cycles

There are different recommended Winstrol cycles designed to provide bodybuilders with lean muscle mass and fat burning benefits. Some of the popular combined Winstrol pill cycles include;

1) Winstrol and Anavar Cycle:

Week 1: Winny (20 mg) + Var (15 mg),
Week 2: Winny (20 mg) + Var (15 mg),
Week 3: Winny (25 mg) + Var (15 mg),
Week 4: Winny (25 mg) + Var (20 mg),
Week 5: Winny (25 mg) + Var (20 mg),
Week 6: Winny (25 mg) + Var (20 mg).

2) Winstrol and Testosterone Cycle:

Week 1: Winny (20 mg) + Test (200 mg),
Week 2: Winny (20 mg) + Var (200 mg),
Week 3: Winny (25 mg) + Var (200 mg),
Week 4: Winny (25 mg) + Var (300 mg),
Week 5: Winny (25 mg) + Var (300 mg),
Week 6: Winny (25 mg) + Var (300 mg).

3) Winstrol and Trenbolone Cycle:

Week 1: Winny (20 mg) + Tren (150 mg),
Week 2: Winny (20 mg) + Tren (150 mg),
Week 3: Winny (25 mg) + Tren (150 mg),
Week 4: Winny (25 mg) + Tren (150 mg),
Week 5: Winny (25 mg) + Tren (225 mg),
Week 6: Winny (25 mg) + Tren (225 mg).

The Winny/Test and Winny/Tren cycles indicated here are for advanced bodybuilders. It is advisable that you consume about 4 g of fish oil daily while running these cycles. You should also take 500 mg per day of a liver protection supplement (e.g. TUDCA, Liv52 or Samarin).

After each cycle you should practice post-cycle therapy (PCT) using a SERM like Nolvadex or Clomid. You can also include HCG in your PCT schedule. A daily dosage of between 20 to 40 mg of Nolvadex with 2,000 IU of HCG taken every other day (EOD) for a period of 20 days is recommended during PCT.

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