Winstrol Steroid for Fat Loss and Cutting

Whenever a bodybuilder choses to use androgenic-anabolic steroid (AAS) for fat loss and cutting, one AAS is often mentioned. Stanozolol (Winstrol) is widely considered to be an effective cutting, fat loss and lean muscle mass building oral steroid.

Synthesized by the American owned pharmaceutical company, Winthorpe Laboratories way back in the 1960s, Winstrol steroid has long been associated with weight and fat loss by the bodybuilding community.

But Stanozolol was not originally designed for bodybuilding use. It was created for medical purposes in the treatment of several conditions including hereditary angioedema and even osteoporosis in elderly patients.

Nevertheless, in a short space of time from when Winstrol was introduced to the world, bodybuilders would soon embrace the pill for their bodybuilding and performance-related needs.

While Winstrol is also available as an aqueous suspension, most bodybuilders prefer using oral Stanozolol because it is well tolerated by most people, offers pretty high bioavailability, and little or no hepatotoxicity.

Despite the fact that Stanozolol is a Schedule III controlled substance as classified by the Anabolic Steroids Control Act of the Crime Control Act of 1990, Winstrol for bodybuilding is generally on the up.

The International Association of Athletics Federations or IAAF may have included Winstrol steroid on its list of banned AAS, but this has not served as a deterrent to bodybuilders and athletes alike who still use the steroid for cutting.

In this post, we explain how Winstrol (Winny) is used for fat loss while highlighting recommended dosage plans and its effects in bodybuilding.



Using Winstrol for Fat loss and Cutting

The primary use of Winstrol in bodybuilding is for cutting and fat loss. Typically, Winny increases your metabolic rate and promotes thermogenesis. As your body temperature increases, your physiology reacts by trying hard to restore your body to a state of homeostasis.

However, the increase in body temperature leads to the burning of body fat and that includes both subcutaneous and visceral fat.

In addition to this, using Winstrol steroid for cutting will promote lipolysis followed by the repartitioning of your body fat into energy fuel that your body can use during training.

So in summary, Winstrol use in bodybuilding will lead to a rise in metabolic rate, a burning of body fat, and the conversion of excess fat into energy for longer workout sessions


Posology of Winstrol Steroid

Due to the fact that Winstrol steroid is well-tolerated, it can be used by all levels of bodybuilders. Female bodybuilders are also more than welcome to run a Winny cycle.

Note that cycles and dosage plans will differ from one person to another and for several reasons. Some of the more tangible reasons include the age, sex, body weight, health status, and cycling or stack plans of bodybuilders.

Nevertheless, a daily dosage of between 5 mg to 25 mg would suffice for beginner to intermediate level bodybuilders. However, a higher daily dosage plan may be recommended for advanced level bodybuilders.

Typically, the ideal cycle for Winstrol for bodybuilding is between 4 to 8 weeks with a six week cycle being the average length of time for running a Winstrol cycle. If you are using a high daily dosage, it would be advisable to shorten your cycle length.

Note that it is always preferable to sort out your post-cycle therapy (PCT) protocol before you start a Winstrol cycle. Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) is often recommended for use during PCT.

Another consideration for most bodybuilders is the use of supplementation like fish oil during your cycle, as this can help to regulate both your cholesterol level and blood pressure.

While Winny is really kind to your liver despite being an oral steroid, it is still advisable to take liver protection medication along with the steroid. This is especially necessary if you have experienced liver-related health problems and/or if you intend running an extensive Winny cycle.

It is also worth noting that Winstrol can be stacked with other AAS like Anavar, Clenbuterol, Testosterone and Trenbolone. You should always consult your doctor and personal bodybuilding coach before running any Winstrol cycle or stack for your bodybuilding needs.


Effects of Winstrol Steroid

Winstrol steroid offers bodybuilders a variety of bodybuilding benefits. Here are a few worthy of note:

#1. Fat Loss

As mentioned already, Winny will increase your metabolic rate and promote fat loss through thermogenesis. Your body temperature rises and as your body works hard to restore homeostasis, you tend to perspire more burning fat in the process.



#2. Energy boost

Winstrol can also promote the repartitioning of body fat into much needed energy fuel for your intense workout programs.

#3. Lean muscle mass

Winstrol is known to promote lean muscle mass by promoting nitrogen retention plus C1INH and C4 protein production in skeletal muscle tissue. By promoting increased protein synthesis in your muscle tissues, you will subsequently experience a growth in skeletal muscle.

#4. Speedy recovery

Recovery in bodybuilding is just as important as training. You will be able to recover quickly from muscle injuries when you run a Winstrol cycle.

#5. Performance-enhancing gains

Winny will boost your body’s production of red blood cells which increases the amount of oxygenated blood that surges through your entire body. Oxygenated blood ensures that your muscle strength levels are improved while reduced lactic acid build up in your skeletal muscles means greater endurance.

In addition to providing you with these bodybuilding benefits, Winstrol is safe for use as it does not convert to estrogen like other steroids. Therefore, you are safe from estrogen-related side effects, such as; gynecomastia and water retention.

However, using Winstrol is not without side effects. Bodybuilders are known to experience headaches, acne, nausea, and insomnia while running a Winstrol cycle.


Where to find Quality Winstrol Steroid for sale?

While Winstrol may have some side effects that you should be aware of, the greatest danger to bodybuilders lies with purchasing adulterated or fake products. The high demand for Winstrol by bodybuilders has led to an upsurge in the number of blackmarket sources promising “genuine” Winstrol products.

However, not all these sources actually provide authentic Winstrol steroids. To safeguard your health, it is important to quickly recognise and separate those sources that offer real Winny products from scammers.

One source that you can rely on for authentic Stanozolol products is UPsteroid. We offer both oral and injectable Winstrol as well as special weight loss and dry packs to enhance your bodybuilding efforts.

You can check out these products right here and decide for yourself. However, if you need help making up your mind on which Winstrol products to order today, you can chat with our resident IFBB PRO now to assist you in making the right choice.



Final Thoughts

Winstrol steroid is ideally suited for bodybuilders wishing to burn body fat, gain lean muscle mass, enhance strength and endurance levels. Winny is also a great steroid for bodybuilders looking to recover quickly from injuries sustained during intense workouts.

Stanozolol does not aromatize, so bodybuilders need not worry about feminisation side effects like water retention and gynecomastia. What’s more, Winstrol is not hepatotoxic and therefore running a safe cycle and dosage plan should safeguard your liver health.

In all, you can rely on Winstrol steroids for your fat loss and cutting bodybuilding needs, but make sure you order genuine products by world-class pharmaceutical companies.

At UPsteroid, we offer pure Winstrol products from the likes of Beligas, Prime Pharma, Pharmaqo, and Prius Lab. On a final note, do not forget to consult with your physician and/or coach before you order for and run a Winstrol cycle today.

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