Build Massive Muscle and Strength With Cytomel T3

Anabolic steroids are excellent compounds to add massive muscle mass growth and strength. When it comes to Cytomel T3, it can slightly boost the strength. So, not all the anabolic steroids are effective to build bigger muscle mass and greater strength building effects.

In this article, we will discuss Cytomel T3. Cytomel is a different compound than anabolic steroids. It is a synthetic form of thyroid hormone which is called T3 or triiodothyronine. This is naturally produced in the body and is also known as liothyronine sodium.

T3 is very similar to the original triiodothyronine hormone but not completely the same. It has small variations of the chemical structure, and it is highly available in oral form. Let’s find out more detail about Cytomel T3 for muscle mass.


Cytomel T3 Summary

Cytomel T3 is a prescribed medication for treating common health problems of hypothyroidism, where the thyroid gland cannot produce enough thyroid hormone for the body’s metabolism and normal functioning. Metabolism controlled by the thyroid hormone and slow body metabolism cause weight gain, fatigue, and other health issues.

Most bodybuilders and athletes prefer Cytomel T3 because this drug can accelerate fat loss in the body by increasing the metabolism rate. However, its results depend on the diet calories you intake and proper gym regime workout. It is not an effective drug for particular weight loss, but it is an aid to optimize metabolism functioning.

Cytomel T4 is another similar hormone to T3, but T3 is considered more powerful, and both these drugs are available on the grey market, or you can buy Cytomel T3 online from reputable resources.

This substance is not listed as prohibited for any professional sports. Still, it is unlikely to appeal to athletes and bodybuilders for performance improvement due to its lack of performance enhancement effects.



Why Bodybuilders Use Cytomel T3?

Cytomel for bodybuilding is the perfect supplement for any bodybuilder or weightlifter to achieve their fitness goals. It is an effective drug to improve endurance level and strength, which allows users to maintain their steady workout for better results. Moreover, it can increase muscle mass growth by boosting protein synthesis in the body.

Professional bodybuilders often take this drug as a pre-contest to help get rid of excess body fats. It is an ideal choice for those who are already in shape but want to get leaner before entering a competition.

It is also beneficial for those who have difficulty in managing their weight and reducing water retention, and manage stubborn fats. It provides more accurate results with proper training, exercise and a strict diet. It helps them to achieve a lean and hard physique with greater strength.

Bodybuilders widely use this substance because it can boost energy, speed or power, greater strength and improve overall physical performance with each workout session.


Explain Cytomel T3 Working Effects In The Body

This medication works inside the body by enhancing the metabolism rate of individual users. It also stimulates the thyroid-stimulating hormone, which enables hormone-releasing, such as triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). It is mostly used to treat hypothyroidism patients.

With a strict diet and proper training workout, it promotes weight loss and higher strength gain. It is occasionally used to treat off-label to treat underactive pituitary glands and stimulate ovulation in women with infertility issues. It increases the metabolism rate and breaks down stored body fats, and promotes weight loss. However, you should control your eating plan and stick to regular workout programs for effective results.

It works by an underactive thyroid and enhances hormone production inside the body, and increases TSH production via the pituitary gland. If a person’s thyroid is underactive, that means his organ is not producing enough amount of hormones to function in their body at its peak level.

This medication helps by eliminating hormone production, which slows down the metabolic rate, and treats different weight gain problems which are associated with hyperthyroidism.



What Are The Recommended Dose Of Cytomel T3?

Many people think higher doses of Cytomel T3 will improve their performance substantially compared to other standard doses to treat hypothyroidism. But it is not true. If you are not suffering from hypothyroidism issues, you always have to use the recommended dosage as per your tolerance level because higher doses can negatively impact your health.

The standard dose of Cytomel T3 is 25 mcg every day. When it comes to fat loss, it is advisable to run a six to twelve-week cycle at very low doses, like 25 mcg daily. This dose can increase from 50 mcg to 75 mcg daily, which is sufficient for the majority of users. Only in very rare cases advanced users may take 100 mcg daily. However, remember that higher doses are riskier for your health.


Can Female Users Take Cytomel T3?

Yes, female users can use Cytomel T3 but compared to men, they need to take lower doses. For women, the maximum dosage limit is 75 mcg daily. Generally, the recommended dose for more advanced female users is up to 50 mcg every day; this will help to minimize the side effects of this drug. Men and women can use Cytomel T3 for strength gain and weight loss or to achieve their dream body.


What Are The Positive And Negative Effects Of Cytomel T3?

This drug’s positive and negative effects depend on how you intake its dosage, training workout and calorie intake during the cycle. The correct use of this drug provides numerous positive outcomes, such as weight loss. This drug is cheaper than other prescribed medications for obesity as you don’t require insulin shots.

It promotes releasing fat into the bloodstream, and the muscles can utilize them for energy. This leads to less fat accumulation around the hips, thighs, and waist. It provides an attractive physique. It also offers numerous benefits for patients suffering from hypothyroidism because it can replace natural hormone production and ensure the metabolism keeps it at an appropriate rate.

It can avoid fatigue or weight gain issues using this drug with a controlled diet and training program. It is also an effective medication to stimulate ovulation in women and help them to get pregnant. It promotes insulin-like growth factor (IGF) and lowers glucose or stress hormone levels. IGF is essential because it encourages bone growth and strength.

→ Side Effects Of Cytomel T3:

Long-term use and overdose of Cytomel T3 will also increase the risk of side effects. So, moderate and lower doses are advisable to avoid the risk of these drugs. This drug is not formulated for performance enhancement purposes. You may face sweating, anxiety, mood swings, heartbeat changes, less tolerance for heat, changes in bowel functioning, menstruation and sleeping difficulty.

Some people also reported fatigue, weakness or lethargy issues. It also causes extreme tiredness, especially when you take a very high dose of Cytomel without any break. It can reduce ATP, which causes lethargy, fatigue and also muscle performance. It also increases body temperature. Too high a temperature gives you a sign to lower the doses, or you should stop completely.

Sometimes you may also feel chest pain, heart failure or hypothyroidism issues. To avoid all these possible health risks, never exceed the limit of 100 mcg daily. The ideal way to intake Cytomel T3 is to use a lower dose and perform the cycle duration as recommended.




Cytomel T3 is often used for weight loss purposes. However, it is originally formulated to treat hypothyroidism issues. Its positive and negative effects depend on your intake. To avoid negative side effects of this drug, always use the recommended dose. It is an effective supplement for moderate muscle mass growth, weight loss and strength gain.

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