How does HGH treatment affect healthy older adults?

The Human Growth Hormone or simply HGH is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced and released by the pituitary gland.

HGH is an important hormone in the body as it is responsible for the growth of the brain, central nervous system, and every organ of the body. The release of this hormone is greater from infancy up to puberty, but as we age, our pituitary gland tends to produce and release less HGH.

While synthetic HGH is recommended for children with stunted growth, older adults may also use HGH injections for their recovery from training-related bone and muscle injuries.

In addition to this, other HGH benefits to older adults include the quick cellular repair, reproduction, and regeneration of damaged skeletal muscle tissues leading to considerable muscle mass gains.

As an older adult you can get genuine HGH for sale from a reliable source like UPsteroid if you want to slow-down muscle loss due to aging or catabolic disorders resulting in muscle wasting conditions.

In this post, you get to know what exogenous is and how it is used. You will also get to know when to use HGH injections and the risks involved.


What are HGH injections and how are they used?

HGH injections are a synthetic form of naturally produced HGH. As mentioned, endogenous HGH is released by the pituitary gland, but this hormone is lessened in the body as you age.

Older adults looking to start a bodybuilding program either to gain or maintain muscle gains would find HGH injections to be very useful, as HGH will help to prevent a loss of muscle gains particularly in an off-season or as result of muscle wasting due to a number of factors including catabolic disorders caused by life threatening diseases like cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Typically, you can administer HGH injections in two ways. The first is intramuscularly (IM) administration where HGH is injected directly into the muscle tissues of your glutes, thighs, and upper arms. The second way to use HGH is subcutaneously. This is where HGH is injected into fatty tissue just under the skin particularly in the abdominal region.



Human growth hormone and Aging

The function of the Human Growth Hormone greatly reduces with age, but HGH is greatly active from infancy leading up to puberty where it peaks. However, the older you get, the less endogenous HGH will be produced and then released by your pituitary gland.

Low levels of HGH in your system as a healthy older adult is not entirely a bad thing or something you should be particularly worried about, as this is just a natural order of life.

Nevertheless, if you intend keeping up a bodybuilding lifestyle even in your old age, and you want to maintain skeletal muscle gains while also boosting your metabolism and overall athletic performance, then you might want to seriously consider using HGH injections along with sustaining a well structured nutrition plan, supplementation, and resistance training program.


When should you take HGH injections?

HGH injections should only be taken after you have had a sit-down with a qualified medical practitioner and your personal bodybuilding trainer.

Your physician would be in the best position to advise you on the risks that you could be exposed to if you decide to use HGH injections after a series of medical tests are conducted to determine your current state of wellbeing.

Old age often comes with a myriad of health issues, so it is important to know if your body can take the infusion of high levels of exogenous HGH.

Once you have been given an all-clear to proceed with your HGH cycle, you can then align yourself with a bodybuilding mentor that will help you in the proper administration of HGH injections including the cycle length, dosage plan, and frequency of administration.

Once again, you should use HGH when you want to maintain muscle gains during a bodybuilding season or in your off-season.

Basically, you should take HGH under the following circumstances:

#1. Muscle Wasting Conditions

As you age, you tend to lose muscle mass. You can reduce your risk of completely losing your muscle gains with the use of HGH.

HGH promotes increased nitrogen retention in your skeletal muscle tissues which then promotes greater protein synthesis that stimulates muscle growth and the sustenance of muscle mass gains.

If you suffer from muscle wasting conditions, then using HGH will help to slow down the rate at which you lose muscle mass.



#2. Poor Metabolic Rate

If you are faced with potential fat and weight gain due to a sluggish metabolism, then using HGH injections will help to speed up your metabolic rate, stimulate thermogenesis and prompt your body to attain homeostasis through excessive perspiration.

As you sweat excessively to cool your core body temperature increased by the rise of your metabolism, you will experience lipolysis or fat burning gains on both visceral and subcutaneous fat in your body.

#3. Poor Bone Density

HGH is also capable of increasing bone density. This is great for older adults suffering from osteoporosis.

Also, if you are a healthy older adult that intends working with weights regularly, you should consider using HGH to boost your bone density and in the process greatly reduce your risk of bone fractures incurred during your strength training.

#4. Slow Recovery

Your rest days after an intense, rigorous weight training regimen is essential for recovery. It is at this time that damaged muscle tissues heal and HGH plays an important role in the quick repair, reproduction and regeneration of muscle tissue.

However, as you age and your endogenous HGH production drops, it would take your body a longer time to heal and repair itself. This can lead to you missing out on your training program due to injuries.

In addition to this, your muscle mass growth will be hindered as it is during recovery from a high-interval intensity training (HIIT) that you actually gain muscle mass.

To be able to speed up your recovery and improve your chances of gaining muscle mass, you can take HGH injections to boost your recovery time and promote muscle growth.



#5. Poor Performance

If you are feeling less energetic or lacking the required strength to execute your weight training routines as normal despite eating clean and resting well, you might want to consider taking HGH injections to provide you with energy and strength gains to improve your overall athletic performance.


Are there any risks of HGH treatment?

This is one question that is truly subjective and would depend on the user.

Apart from the possible suppression of the functions of the pituitary gland including the release of endogenous HGH, the use of HGH injections are generally well-tolerated in most healthy older adult users.

However, there are some known risks and side effects that you should be wary of and these include:

  • Joint or muscle aches and pain,
  • Water retention and edema,
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome or wrist nerve pain,
  • High blood glucose levels, and
  • Elevated cholesterol levels.



Final Thoughts

If you want to start using HGH injections as a healthy older adult, it is important that you consult with your private physician beforehand.
Also, meet with an experienced bodybuilder that will guide you on where to buy genuine HGH for sale, and how to use HGH, while at the same time providing you with a tailored training program that would be optimally beneficial to your bodybuilding goals.

You can chat with an IFBB PRO here for free before you get started with using synthetic HGH. For the best quality HGH injections from world-class pharmaceutical laboratories from around the world, checkout UPsteroid for HGH injections from the stables of Driada Medical, PRIME PHARMA, HILMA BIOCARE, Beligas, and Pharmaqo today.

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