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Monster is a preparation for athletes that gives excellent results and supports intense training. What is behind its popularity and spectacular success among bodybuilders? Certainly, an important factor in this is its composition, which other supplements in this category may envy.

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One of Monster Burner’s main strengths is the high content of ephedrine, which has long been recognized in the sports supplement market. She is responsible for the phenomenal effects in the areas of training performance and fat burning. Why? Eph is a substance that strongly stimulates the central nervous system. It has thermogenic properties and therefore increases the body temperature, which results in intense fat burning. It should be mentioned that despite the loss of kilograms, it does not break down muscle tissue. Thanks to it, our metabolism has a chance to increase by up to 10%! Under his influence, the body acquires greater exercise capacity, which in turn results in maximum intensive and valuable training.

1-2 capsules, 40 minutes before training.




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