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As a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, Oral Winstrol quickens growth of muscles thanks to its enhanced anabolic properties. What’s more, it prevents water retention and lowers chances of gynecomastia. Besides, it stabilizes blood level making it an excellent solution irrespective of the users’ age.

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    • Product and Laboratory: Stanozolol (Winstrol) by UltimaPharma
    • Effects: Lean Muscle Gain, fat burning, increased strength, improves muscle definition
    • Ingredients: Stanozolol
    • Form: Oral
    • Concentration: 10 mg /tab
    • Presentation: 50 tabs
    • Dosage: 50-100mg per day over the course of 6-8 weeks
      Beginners Intermediate Advanced Female
      50mg per day 75mg per day 100mg per day 10-20mg per day
    • Protection during treatment: tamoxifen (Nolvadex) / HCG / Clomifene (Clomid) / Anastrozole (Arimidex) / liver protection (Samarin)
    • Pct post cycle therapy: tamoxifen (Nolvadex) / HCG / Clomifene (Clomid) / Anastrozole (Arimidex)
    • Stack: Anavar / Clenbuterol / T3 / Trenbolone
    • Level: Suitable for all users

    What is Winstrol?

    Winstrol (also known as Stanozolol) is a longstanding cutting phase steroid that has not only won the hearts of most bodybuilders but also gained a steady reputation on the market. Thus, it is not surprising that it is considered one of the best steroids for fat loss and an excellent alternative to Anavar.

    Commercially, Winstrol sells mostly in form of 10mg tablets, goes by the brand name Winstrol 10, and is manufactured by the well-regarded UltimaPharma company. The pills are yellow in color and are highly optimized to spawn better results than those of its other DHT counterparts.

    How Winstrol Works

    Winstrol is a derivative of synthetic DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone. It has been in the market since the 1960’s. On ingestion, this steroid binds with cell’s androgen receptors where it begins the process of burning fats on the surrounding tissues. Also, it generates proteins which are essential in the growth and repair of body cells.

    Stanozolol is inherently capable of forcing water loss from the body which explains why muscles appear turgid yet leaner at the end of the cycle. Also, the body’s alpha reductase enzyme cannot breakdown this hormone due to the addition of pyrazol and the methyl groups of carbonates during laboratory synthesis.

    Winstrol lasts for 8 hours in the body with a half-life of 4-5 hours.

    Benefits of Winstrol (Stanozolol)

    Below is a comprehensive coverage on the benefits that you are likely to gain from Winstrol. You can skim over the paragraphs to the summarized section right below.

    Unlike other bodybuilding steroids, Winstrol cannot convert into estrogen because it doesn’t aromatize. In other words, it hinders the growth of fat cells which are responsible for the plump physique. Also, it significantly lowers the level of high-density lipoproteins which are commonly known as the bad cholesterol. These cholesterols are responsible for the increase in non-beneficial body mass thus Winstrol acts as a remedy.

    Another interesting bit about Winstrol is that you can combine the pills with other bodybuilding drugs. Now, this will guarantee you a massive anabolic boost to help you withstand the intensity of the sport in which you are participating. For this reason, athletes use it to boost both their performance and stamina whilst reducing their mass. This way, they can retain their muscle structure and streamline their bodies for enhanced speed.

    The body is naturally wired to resist artificial transformation. Therefore, it increases the level of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) which neutralizes the steroids rendering them useless. Winstrol can largely suppress this retrogressive action and thereof ensure you actualize your bodybuilding objective without much hassle.

    Winstrol promotes nitrogen retention in the muscle cells. In case you are unaware, nitrogen is an essential building block in the body. It is responsible for production of amino acids which preserve or repair your major organs. It is also involved in DNA synthesis and transportation. In short, Winstrol is a supplementary and wholesome medication.

    Note that for you to sustain Winstrol results for long, you must engage in bodybuilding activities that enhance muscular dryness and toughness.

    In summary Winstrol comes with the following benefits:

    • Boosts overall body stamina and endurance
    • Promotes a better functioning of concurrent medications
    • Triggers nitrogen retention and consequent development of lean tissue
    • Enhances constructive metabolism
    • Tones muscles and accentuates their physical desirability
    • Indirectly supports collagen synthesis leading to fast energy recovery

    What is the best dosage for Winstrol?

    Although dosing intervals of Winstrol are majorly dependent on the cycle week you are currently in, the 10mg tablets can generally be taken 4-5 times a day. The recommended length of the cycle is 6-8 weeks. However, during the last two weeks, high dosages should be taken to enhance a lasting dryness as well as a perfect finish.

    Follow the guidelines below:

    Beginner Level:

    40-50mg per day (5 tablets a day): (2 in the morning, 1 or none over lunch hour, 2 tabs in the evening.)

    Intermediate Level:

    70mg (7 tablets a day), 3 in the morning,1 during lunch hour, 2 tabs in the evening.

    Expert/Seasoned Level:

    100mg (10 tablets a day), 4 in the morning, 2 over the lunch hour, 4 in the evening.

    Note that Winstrol is taken in the morning in high amounts since constructive metabolism happens then. During lunch hour, the dosage is lowered since the hormone is still present in the bloodstream. You’ll understand this concept much better when we cover the dangers of overdosing Winstrol later on.

    Although rarely mentioned, your testosterone levels will take at least a year to normalize if you take dosages surpassing the recommended 100mg daily mark. Sadly, this can be disturbing for anyone trying to masculinize or even reproduce.

    Side Effects of Winstrol / Dangers of Overdosing Stanozolol

    Winstrol is a mild hormone with no serious immediate side effects. When taken in correct doses, the following complications will in most cases not arise.

    • Joint pains due to the drying effect
    • Liver/hepatic complications
    • Skin allergy and inflammation
    • Cardiovascular strain and in rare cases fail.
    • Accumulation of low-density cholesterol to toxic levels
    • Mood changes especially for women

    To alleviate the negative effects of Winstrol, consider supplementing your dosage with foods/drugs rich in calcium, collagen/Vitamin C, glucosamine and chondroitin. Common steroids containing these are Clomid and Nolvadex.

    Where to Buy Winstrol – Cheap Stanozolol Online

    As we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, UltimaPharma is the most trusted and respected manufacturer of oral Winstrol. Their 10mg pill is packed with quality DHT compounds with 100% drug-results conversion. Fortunately, the high concentration is the catalyst to accelerating the cutting phase cycle.

    This company observes the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and is certified by the FDA for supplying Winstrol under the brand name Winstrol 10.The two are internationally-recognized bodies for regulating production of human grade supplements. Therefore, purchasing from this company not only guarantees your body safety but also proven functioning.

    Be sure to benefit from their year-round discounts and promotional offers if you desire quality output but low on budget. Special Stanozolol blends are also available for anyone worrying over possible side effects. There’s practically no reason why you should spend more elsewhere only to purchase a product of a lower or similar grade to this one. Happy shopping!

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