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Ideal peptide for cell regeneration, TB-500 peptide by Axiom Peptides is also known as thymosin beta 4. It plays an important role in the protection, regeneration, and remodeling of injured or damaged tissue. The TB-500 gene was also identified as one of the first to respond after an injury.

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  • Product and Laboratory: Thymosin Beta 4 by Axiom Peptides
  • Form: Subcutaneous injection
  • Ingredients: Thymosin Beta 4 (TB-500)
  • Concentration: 5 mg / vial
  • Packaging: 1 vial of 10ml
  • Dosage: 2-6 mg per week
    Beginners Intermediate Advanced Female
         2mg/week    4mg/week     6mg/week  2mg/week
  • Type: Cellular regeneration cycle, reduces inflammation, improves healing
  • Protection: No need for protections
  • Level: All users

Peptide TB-500 Advanced Dosage

Axiom Peptides recommended dosage for new users:

  • Normal dosage (2 mg/week)

Axiom Peptides recommended dosage for advanced users: those who already have experience with steroids, peptides, or HGH:

  • Advanced dosage = Double dose (4 mg/week)

Axiom Peptides recommended Elite Pro dosage for Competitors and Professionals:

  • Elite Pro dosage = Triple dose (6 mg/week)
  • Tip: divide the injections during the day
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