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Compared to other esters of testosterone, Testosterone Propionate  is exceptional in that it acts faster. It’s highly effective in ensuring significant gains in mass and strength. Also, due to its special capabilities in muscle hardening, bodybuilders prefer using this hormone during the cutting cycles and dieting.

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  • Product and Laboratory: Test P 100 by Hutech Labs
  • Effects: Rapid raw muscle mass increase, rapid strength increase
  • Ingredients: Testosterone (Ester: Propionate)
  • Form: Injection
  • Concentration: 100 mg/ml
  • Presentation: 10ml vial (Total box 1000 mg)
  • Dosage: 400-1,000 mg per week for 12-16 weeks (or longer)
    Beginners Intermediate Advanced Female
    400-600mg per week for 12-16 weeks 600-800mg per week for 12-16 weeks 800-1,000mgper week for 12-16 weeks N/A
  • Protection during treatment: Anastrozole (Arimidex)
  • Pct post cycle therapy: 1 Clomid and 1 Nolvadex per day for 20 days
  • Stack: Can be used with any bulking agent and at a minimal level when cutting for hormonal protection.
  • Level: Suitable for all users

Buy Testosterone Propionate 100 By Hutech Labs (Testosterone Propionate 100mg- 10ml Vial)

Testosterone propionate 100 is the brand name under which Testosterone propionate sells. This drug, which is androgenic in nature, is used in boosting the levels of testosterone hormone in the body. This way, users can gain similar effects to those triggered by high levels of natural hormones in the body.

Testosterone propionate 100 is manufactured by Hutech Labs , a long-standing and reputable pharmaceutical company that continues to serve both the medical and the bodybuilding market with safe and reliable medication. Its Testosterone propionate can be used to gain mass, strength and improve recovery while sporting.

What is Testosterone Propionate?

Structurally, propionate is almost similar to Sustanon, Cypionate and Enanthate esters. The primary variation, however, is that it’s a short acting ester which means it requires frequent injections compared to its counterparts. It contains propionic acid and carbons which are known to trigger fast development of tissues.

Testosterone propionate, in its esterified form, has a half-life of 72 hours after which its effectiveness in bodybuilding is no longer guaranteed. To achieve best results and sustain peak levels of this synthetic hormone, you’ll have to take injections at least after every three days. The good thing about this short life cycle is that you can stop injections immediately you experience serious side effects and it will wear off from the body fairly fast.

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