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With peptides, the pleasures of exercise are defined by fast, effective athletic development.For the simple reason that these supplements act directly on muscle tissue after a brief passage through the bloodstream.

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Thymosin is a 5-Da polypeptide hormone secreted by the thymus gland, which stimulates the development of disease-fighting T cells (a specific type of white blood cell): The thymus gland is located behind your breastbone and between your lungs. Throughout your childhood, white blood cells called lymphocytes pass through the thymus, where they are transformed into T cells. Once T lymphocytes have fully matured in the thymus, they migrate to lymph nodes (groups of immune system cells) throughout the body, where they help the immune system fight disease. Although the thymus gland is only active until puberty (after puberty, the thymus begins to slowly shrink and be replaced by fat), its dual function as endocrine and lymph gland plays an important role in your long-term health. The body uses T lymphocytes to help destroy infected or cancerous cells. The T cells created by the thymus also help other organs of the immune system to develop properly. Thymosin also helps the development of B cells towards plasma cells to produce antibodies.

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