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Letrozole is a non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor and the active substance is Letrozole. It has been approved for the purpose of use in human: it is not a steroid, not having androgenic activity, not more toxic, not damaging the liver organ, or not a narcotic or addictive component.

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One of the best strategies for combating undesirable estrogenic effects and in particular, gynecommastia, is to incorporate Letrozole pills into your cycle. Letrozole pills are very effective as they play two vital roles; lowering estrogen levels while at the same time elevating testosterone levels. These two vital roles render them a requisite part of intra and post cycle protection. However, it’s worth noting that they cannot act as an all-time protective agent like nolvadex. As such, it’s recommended that users utilize them mostly in countering gynecomastia.

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